Kiss The Enemy ebook

Kiss The Enemy ebook

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 The latest romantic thriller from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love sends Slye Temp operative Margaux Duke into the arms of her enemy where she uncovers a secret that is as dangerous to her heart as it is to her life.

“A FREAKING AWESOME continuation of the Slye Temp series by Dianna Freaking Love!!! She did not disappoint." ~~ Goodreads

Everyone has a hidden identity in this romance thriller where undercover agent Margaux Duke’s only hope to find her cousin’s killer and to stop a terrorist is caught in the hands of her enemy, Logan Baklanov. But Logan knows a secret about Marguax that will change everything she believes.

While chasing an international terrorist who murdered the last of her family, Margaux plans go up in smoke when the Slye Temp agency lands in the crosshairs of a vicious enemy, forcing her to turn rogue to protect the only family she has left – her team. This is no time to get involved, especially with an enemy who steps between her and the terrorist she has to stop.

Logan Baklanov has been known by many names in the underbelly of international terrorism. With his brother’s life in jeopardy, Logan takes on a role that places him at the top of the most-wanted lists of government security agencies in every country. He accepts the no-win situation, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, but then a long legged beauty draws the attention of his deadly target and screws Logan’s carefully planned mission. Now he’ll have to team up with a woman who hates him for any hope at survival and proving he’s worthy of her love. 

"Brilliant!! Now THIS BOOK is what I LOVE about Romantic Suspense; a gritty suspenseful story AND enough steam to make me squirm (in a GOOD way :))" ~~Goodreads 

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E-book in mobi or epub format. 

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