Time Trap: Red Moon YA Trilogy: book 1

Time Trap: Red Moon YA Trilogy: book 1

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In this coming-of-age debut trilogy, USA Today bestseller Micah Caida turns young adult fiction on its ear with a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy story that is as much a thriller as it is a romantic tale.

Rayen's memory is blank. Her future's in question. Her power is dangerous.

Waking up in an unknown world, Rayen has no memory, not even of her name until a ghost informs her, and shares that she’s seventeen just before she has to run for her life. She’s captured and ends up in an unusual high school located in a place called Albuquerque. It seems to be a safe haven, but she soon finds out she’s dead wrong when she accidentally opens a portal and ends up fighting alongside two other teens to stay alive in a world that is fantastic and dangerous. This place calls to the strange power inside of her and pushes her toward a boy who is as deadly as he is attractive, and thinks she’s the enemy. Escaping appears impossible, but staying trapped means death, and the portal she opened threatens the existence of the current world along with the future.

"The imagination of Micah Caida takes the reader on an exhilarating journey...TIME TRAP is originality at its best." ~~Amelia Richard, SingleTitles

"Time Trap is amazingly original and unexpected... I love every second of reading it." Alexandra F, 15 years old

"If I had found books like this when I was a teen, I would have started reading much earlier, instead of waiting until my mid twenties!" Kay Barnes, adult

This series has been enjoyed by all ages of readers from 11 to adults. It's a great action series for anyone capable of reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  


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