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Break Into Fiction on sale

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By USA Today bestseller Mary Buckham & New York Times bestseller Dianna Love

What does it take to sell a novel to New York publishers or to build a substantial reader base by releasing books as an Indie author?

The simple answer is because “they wrote a saleable book.”

Sounds simple, right?   But how do YOU write a great book that readers and editors will enjoy? 

Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (write by the seat of your pants), Break Into Fiction® is the book that will help you locate – and fix – weak spots (sagging middles, unlikeable characters, slow pacing and more) in your fiction stories. Editing is key to any story, but it starts with the author. Writing fast means nothing if the final story isn’t sound. What’s the point in having five, ten or fifty mediocre books finished?

The sooner you grasp the power points for a story, the faster you’ll be able to build a strong backlist. Now you have a way to improve your writing one easy step at a time.

Written by a New York Times bestseller Dianna Love and USA Today bestseller Mary Buckham, Break Into Fiction® is a workshop-in-a-book and the one resource any writer can use to master the art of commercial fiction. This book is based on the popular workshops taught in the US and internationally to all levels of writers and even a double Pulitzer Prize winner.

“The questions make you think. Harder, and then harder. Fresh ideas pop into your head, and-- voila--your characters come to life as real people with deep-seated issues, and your plot thickens. Where was this book when I needed it nine drafts ago?”  ~~Joy  S, Amazon Verified Purchase

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8.5" x 11" edition - makes it easy to copy blank work sheet templates.

Copy is signed by Dianna Love.

Excerpt here.