Deceptive Treasures ebook on sale for $2.99

Deceptive Treasures ebook on sale for $2.99

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 The latest romantic thriller from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love drops Slye Temp agent Tanner Bodine in the middle of a hostile country where inserting was much easier than extracting his team along with an unexpected female package. 

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Allowing the suspicious woman he rescued to escape turns into Tanner’s worst mistake, but now he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying.

Slye Temp agent Tanner Bodine’s decision to extract a Amerasian female defector who shows up unexpectedly on his black ops mission blows up in his face, putting his country and his family at risk. Brilliant researcher Soo Jin makes a desperate gamble to save her sister from the vicious Orion Hunters, but the stakes go up when a sexy cowboy steps between her and her dangerous goal. Tanner must let go of his past and Jin must face her darkest fear in a race to prevent chemical warfare from being unleashed to bring America to its knees.

But their greatest challenge lies in the chemistry sizzling between them that forces them to choose between duty and love. 

"This may be my favorite book in the series so far. I swear they just keep getting better and better...I could go on forever about all the greatness stuffed into these pages...get this book and read it, or better yet, get them all!" ~~ Goodreads

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E-book in mobi or epub format. 

Excerpt here.