Fatal Promise ebook

Fatal Promise ebook

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 The final Slye Temp romantic thriller from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love wraps up the series with Sabrina and Gage's story, which is a sensational ride. 

"It was a slam dunk in terms of guns, international travel, romance, killers, and resolution." ~~ Amazon

Finally, the former lovers reunion romance every Slye Temp fan has waited for after the slow burn between this powerful couple since the beginning of the series results in an explosive climax.  

The last person Sabrina Slye wants on this mission is Gage Laughton, the one man capable of distracting her when a lack of attention will get them both killed. A rogue CIA assassin has eluded her for two years after her team was traded for the traitor’s life during a blown op. She turned her back on everyone in the agency. Who wouldn’t after that betrayal? When an unexpected lead sets her on the killer’s trail, her actions expose the tip of a deadly international threat. Everyone in her world is at risk, including Gage, her one-time CIA handler ... and former lover.

Determined to pull Sabrina back into his arms, Gage has waged war on Sabrina’s emotional walls from the moment she surfaced two years after he thought she’d been killed in an ops he authorized. As one of the deadliest operatives alive, Sabrina bends to no one’s will, not even when Gage is interfering to keep her alive. That won’t happen unless they can stop a megalomaniac from starting a third world war. The survival of Sabrina’s agents and the future of the world depend upon Gage convincing her to trust him again with all that she protects, including her heart. 

"As always, Dianna Love delivers another sensational story that will blow your mind." ~~The Reading Café

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E-book in mobi or epub format. 

Excerpt here.