Fatal Promise ebook

Fatal Promise ebook

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"This book was an OMG, nail-biter, page turner." ~~ Goodreads

In this stunning conclusion of the Slye Team Black Ops series, Sabrina Slye goes after the former CIA operative targeting her entire team only to discover a deadly Czarion group racing to find a rare artifact which will trigger an apocalyptic world conflict with only one country surviving to rule. 

Former CIA black ops contractor, Sabrina Slye goes on the offensive to stop a rogue CIA assassin threatening her Slye family before he can succeed. She’s armed, dangerous, and in no mood to take prisoners. The lead she follows exposes the tip of an unimaginable international threat and adds a new name to the rogue CIA agent’s hit list … Gage, Sabrina’s former CIA handler and lover.

Gage Laughton has waged war on Sabrina’s emotional walls over the past year after she returned from her team being burned during a bloody mission that left her suspicious of everyone in the agency, starting with him. There’s a contract on her head but keeping Sabrina safe until he can terminate the threat is easier said than done and isn’t going to happen unless they survive this mission. With only one hope of stopping a megalomaniac from starting a third world war, survival depends upon Gage convincing Sabrina to trust him in every way, including her heart.

They never expected the future of the world to hang on a prophecy tied to a rare artifact everyone is hunting, but insanity has no limits when mated to unlimited power.

"It was a slam dunk in terms of guns, international travel, romance, killers, and resolution." ~~Goodreads

"Fatal Promise left me speechless and in awe." ~~Goodreads

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E-book in mobi or epub format. 

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