Honeymoon To Die For

Honeymoon To Die For

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The second Slye Temp romantic thriller from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love sends readers on a gut-wrenching and emotional ride.

Can enemies become lovers? Two people on the opposite sides of the law are forced to work together – and even pull off a false marriage – to find the truth when one is suspected of murder and the other is an ambitious FBI agent ready to hang him.

Undercover operative Ryder Van Dyke faces life in prison when he's framed for murder.  FBI Bianca Brady holds damning evidence, plus a personal drive to take down him and his father. The only chance Ryder has to clear his name is agreeing to a false marriage to get them both inside his father's personal compound, the last place he wants to be when he believes the killer is also there. Deadly secrets, an international security threat, and a killer with a vendetta force Ryder to make the ultimate choice – give up his freedom or risk the life of the woman who holds his heart in her hands.

"It seems with each book, this series gets better... such a beautiful romance, one of the best I have read this year." ~~The Reading Cafe

"...reminded me of Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella was on the run from a maniac killer and Prince Charming wielded a gun and flew a plane. Great read. Check it out!" ~~ The Paperback Café (Last Chance To Run)

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E-book in mobi or epub format. 

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