Time Return: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 2 - on sale!

Time Return: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 2 - on sale!

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In the second book of this high action science fiction trilogy, two worlds grow closer to an apocalyptic end.

Rayen, Gabby, and Tony face their own problems at the institute. Chaos erupts in the sphere. Time is everyone’s enemy.

Stranded in Gabby and Tony’s world, Rayen suspects the institute hides a dark secret connected to the future. She promised to return to the sphere and find a way to save the teens before they all die. Gabby is sent to a medical ward in the institution where she’s locked away just as she begins having a lethal reaction to her time travel. Tony can’t jeopardize his family by traveling again to another world. Rayen quickly realizes she can’t open the portal without all three of them. If she doesn’t return, she’ll never discover her true identity or once again see Callan, now the powerful leader struggling to protect his terrified followers. Time is ticking down for every teen still imprisoned the sphere and a conflict about to explode on their home planet will have catastrophic ripple effects throughout time.

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Choices backfire, trust is forfeit, and alliances shift as elements of an ancient prophecy begin to fall into place. A reckoning draws closer with no way to stop it.

A stunning second book in a trilogy that I can’t read fast enough.” Bookbub

 “This is one of those series that gets people addicted to reading. Book #2 was just as magnificent as the first!” ~~ Heathercm, Goodreads

"What an incredible serial escalation! All in all it's a masterful piece of work." Angela Catucci, college

This series has been enjoyed by all ages of readers from 11 to adults. It's a great action series for anyone capable of reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  


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